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Achtung! Nichts für Leute mit empfindlichen Ohren! Nur für solche die die Wahrheit suchen! (2.Tim4,3-4)| Attention! Not for people with itching ears! Only for those seeking the truth! (2.Tim4:3-4)

I Was Lethally Deceived By The Heresy of Once Saved Always Saved


I Was Lethally Deceived By The Heresy of Once Saved Always Saved

Brother James

once saved always saved heresy

I grew up in church but never got serious about God till I was a teenager. That's when my parents started doing drugs. I ran to the church for support. In 2003 at a youth conference I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior (although lordship wasn't being preached). I know my conversion was real. I received salvation and the Holy Spirit and immediately my life changed. I gave up my worldly friends and my worldly girlfriend. I stopped watching wicked things on tv (I eventually got rid of tv altogether), and I got rid of the Devil's music. My life was truly changed. When I was 18 God called me to preach. I know His calling was real. I know this as sure as I know the sky is blue. So nobody can ever tell me I wasn't really saved in the first place because I surely was.

Premarital Sex Because of Once Saved Always Saved

salvation testimony once saved always savedUnfortunately, I believed and preached heavy Once Saved, Always Saved.” When I was nineteen, I met a girl at the church. I'm very sorry to say that we let our vows get ahead of ourselves. I knew it was wrong to have sex with her, but I thought “God will love me anyway, and I'm still saved.” I began to feel conviction for my sin. So, rather than repent, I looked for ways to make the conviction go away. I started drinking and smoking pot, and that's when I finally got caught by the church (just a few leaders). I was removed as a bus captain and Sunday school teacher, and was no longer allowed to preach, but told that I should still sing in the choir, that God still loved me and I was still saved. For the most part the whole thing was kept secret. I could still come and pretend to be spiritual.

I Became a Homosexual Prostitute and Pimped My Wife Out For Drug Money, But Thought I Was Saved

Marijuana eventually led me to a much worse drug ... crack cocaine. By this time, the girl (______ is her first name) and I had married. I got hooked on crack really bad. It's an expensive drug, and I squandered what little savings we had, but I still wanted more crack. I am not a homosexual and never was, but I prostituted myself to other men just to get money for the drug, and I pimped out my wife when I could find buyers. ALL THIS TIME I BELIEVED THAT IF I DIED I WOULD GO TO HEAVEN!!!! My wife left me and I was incarcerated. Upon my release I had decided I was pretty much done going to church or even trying. I was going to drink and smoke weed, but not use crack. This lasted for a little while, but eventually things got bad again. Then I met a man named Pastor ______. He was the first man to ever tell me that my salvation could be lost. However, like most OSASers I thought I knew everything and wasn't going to let this preacher tell me anything! I called him a heretic and told him it was him who wasn't saved because he didn't believe in grace. Well, my bad behaviors led me back to prison, and I reached out to that Pastor for help. **In all reality he was the only one I could call. He began to visit with me and we argued about OSAS. He eventually asked me this question, “If you were wrong, would you really want to know it?” I said yes, and about two weeks later I received the book “The Believer's Conditional Security,” but I never even opened it while I was in jail. I was released again, and once again went back to my evil ways. Then one night, after committing a homosexual act to get drug money, I saw the book lying there on the table. My dealer was on his way. I opened the book, and by God's mercy I opened to the page where Bro Corner explains the truth about John 10:27-30. Never before had I ever heard anyone tell me that John 10:28 was conditional. It literally scared the hell out of me. The fear of the Lord came upon me, because John 10:28 was the verse I always used to remind myself that I was still saved. I called my dealer and told him not to come and I spent that night reading about just where eternal security came from. I read about John Calvin and the Synod of Dort. I continued with day-to-day activities such as work and eating, but every night for nearly the next week I read bro Corner's book. When I got to the end, and all my objections had been put to silence, I realized that I was NOT saved and that if I died I was going to spend eternity in Hell forever! I repented, and right there and then God changed my life. I want to make something clear though: This was the second time I got saved. When I got saved again, it was no different than the first time. The only difference is that this time I had more of the fear of the Lord, and I new the truth (and still do) about the _doctrine of demons, _eternal security**.

salvation testimony once saved always saved

Once Saved Always Saved Is Satan's Favorite Lie

Since that day I have spent my life preaching and teaching against this wicked doctrine of demons. It is a doctrine that will send many to hell, and it is without a doubt Satan's favorite lie. He loves OSAS! Thank God for Bro Dan Corner and his book “The Believers Conditional Security.” It not only saved my life, but my soul as well. Sincerely Yours in Christ,

once saved always saved heresy

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