Gesunde Lehre | Sound Doctrine

Achtung! Nichts für Leute mit empfindlichen Ohren! Nur für solche die die Wahrheit suchen! (2.Tim4,3-4)| Attention! Not for people with itching ears! Only for those seeking the truth! (2.Tim4:3-4)

Source: The Watchtower's Deadly Distortion of John 17:3 Dan Corner Taking In Knowledge For Everlasting Life Jehovah's Witnesses study Watchtower literature to

Facts On Jehovah's Witnesses

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Source: Facts On Jehovah's Witnesses Dan Corner Facts On Jehovah's Witnesses (pdf tract) The Little Observed Information About Jehovah's

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Former Jehova's Witness Testimony

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Source: Former Jehovah's Witness Testimony Adrian I am an ex Jehovah's Witness Who was Born Into The JWs My name is Adrian.I am an ex Jehovah's Witness now

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Source: What Do Jehovah's Witnesses Believe? (A Biblical and Factual Response) ¿Que Creen los Testigos de Jehová? Permission to reproduce this article is

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Source: The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Jehovah's Organization or False Prophet? Dan Corner <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="320" height="264"